is hapkido effective

Is Hapkido Effective? (For Self Defense, Street Fights & MMA)
Hapkido practitioners claim to be privileged to practice a martial art style famed for its powerful kicks, varied hand strikes, versatile joint locks and throws, and effective trapping-range techniques….

Is Karate Effective

Is Karate Effective? (For Self Defense, Street Fights & Weight Loss)
There are constant doubts concerning the overall effectiveness of Karate, especially for self-defense and real fight. But really, is Karate effective?

Is Martial Arts a Sport?

Is Martial Arts a Sport?
The question of whether martial art is a sport likely exists because of the clear overlap. So, is martial arts a sport?

Is Taekwondo Better Than Karate

Is Taekwondo Better Than Karate?
There is an unending debate as to which martial art is superior between taekwondo and karate. So, is taekwondo better than karate?

Is Tai Chi a Martial Art

Is Tai Chi a Martial Art?
Tai chi is not largely considered or recognized by many as a martial art but as a relaxation and meditation exercise. But, is Tai Chi a martial art?

taekwondo toddler

Is Taekwondo Good for Toddlers?
You are probably wondering if taekwondo would be a great sport for toddlers. So, is taekwondo good for toddlers?

Martial Arts vs Gym for Weight Loss

Martial Arts vs Gym for Weight Loss
Martial arts and the gym are both effective activities for anyone looking to lose weight, and a combination of both activities makes the result even more amazing. However, there is an unending debate as…

Are Weapons Used in Karate?

Does Karate Use Weapons?
Although we already know that karate is generally an unarmed martial art, we sometimes wonder if it incorporates weapon training in its curriculum. So, does karate use weapons?

Punching is the Heart of Karate

Punching Is the Heart of Karate
Punching is an integral part of traditional and modern karate. It is in fact largely considered by most karate schools as “the heart of karate.”

Punching In Karate

Are You Allowed to Punch In Karate?
You probably already know that karate involves the use of kicking techniques, but unsure if punching techniques are also allowed. So, are you allowed to punch in karate?
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