How Karate Improves Academic Performance (In Kids and Adults)

Let me just admit it up front: I can’t promise that karate training will improve your kid’s GPA, or yours either for that matter.

But I can promise that it will provide an ideal atmosphere to encourage those grades to go up.

A study was conducted to examine the effects of a school-based karate intervention on academic achievement, psychosocial functioning, and physical fitness in children aged 7–8 years.

It was shown that a 1-year school-based karate intervention was effective in improving academic achievement, conduct problems, and physical fitness in primary school children.

The results support the inclusion of karate during physical education lessons.

Several more Research from the University of Madrid, Journal of Pediatrics, TIME, and others also suggest that martial arts (which include karate) can help improve your child’s grades.

Now, here is how Karate improves academic performance both in kids and adults.

How Karate Improves Academics

First of all, many schools of karate-do have programs that directly encourage the attainment of good grades in school, and you should inquire about this before you join or enroll your child.

Some organizations have semester honor rolls to encourage academic achievement among their members, and some even award good grades with ribbons or trophies.

Second, the karate dojo provides an excellent atmosphere in which to teach kids to focus on one task at a time.

In karate, there is a strong emphasis on developing mind-body connections through concentration.

In fact, learning and following the karate code of ethics is an outstanding educational experience in and of itself.

Any good karate instructor will constantly emphasize to students that what they learn in the dojo will prepare them for real life outside the dojo.

Third, karate provides the vigorous regular exercise that is so important in maintaining energy levels, healthy circulation and breathing, and general good health.

Exercise has been shown to improve creative thinking.

Karate drills such as sparring require the student to creatively determine how to strike and defend themselves against a resisting opponent.

Practicing this creative approach to thinking and problem-solving is important to achieving academic success, especially in STEM classes.

When combined with proper rest, these factors lay a foundation that enables the student to be clear-headed, alert, and energetic which is an ideal foundation for learning.

For adult learners, an additional benefit of karate is the relief of stress, which is one of the main roadblocks in adult education.

Adults have lots to worry about, and this often stands in the way of their academic achievement.

However, with karate, you can kick the cobwebs out of your head, scream your stress out, and clear the path for a great academic experience.

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